This easy applique project can be made from any shape you want and can be applied to may different projects. Try it on tote bags, pillows, scarves, jeans or anything else that could use a bit of sprucing up. Go crazy. I dressed up a plain white dish towel with the left-over leaf-shaped scraps from the Orange Peel Table Runner project.

Material List:

  • Scrap materials, cut into desired shape(s)
  • super light-weight interfacing (non-fusible)
  • scissors
  • iron

Lay your cut out shape, face down onto the interfacing. Sew around the entire edge of the shape with a quarter inch seam. I like to sew several of these down all on one piece of interfacing to save time. Don’t even bother to snip the threads between the pieces, all this will be cut apart and separated once everything has been attached to the interfacing.

To cut the pieces apart, trim just a bit of the seam allowance and clip the points by cutting them straight across and leaving 1/8 of an inch of fabric from the sewing stitches.

Make a long slit in the interfacing and turn the piece right side out.

You may want to use something to prod the points out when turning the piece, just be careful not to poke too hard and push your tool right through the interfacing! Press out your shape by following any manufacturer’s instructions that came with your interfacing or be safe by using a pressing cloth and a medium setting on your iron to get a nice press on your turned piece.

You are now ready to applique your shapes to the dish towel or other surface. Arrange all your pieces and pin in place. You can hand sew or machine stitch your shapes down. I did a loose zig-zag stitch over my leaves.

My finished dish towel

Now I have some fun dish towels to coordinate with my table runner and bring a bit more fall color into the kitchen for the season.


  1. Patsy Briggs
  2. Linda Gallagher
  3. Karen Mazzei

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