Stacked Strips Table Runner

Looking for a way to use up some of those leftover strips from other quilt projects? Want a project you can make--cutout to binding--in a day? Need a new look for a table or maybe even to use as a bed runner? Then try my Stacked Strips table runner--the results are beautiful!

Stacked Strips table runner by Sharon Holland

I made this 16" x 72" runner using selected 2" wide strips from all five of my various fabrics collections. I had four collections with Fabri-Quilt (Blue Skies, Winter Song, Love Grows, and Dilly Day) and my current collection Gossamer with Art Gallery Fabrics.

This runner is so easy to make I will be able to write how to make it in this post. You can customize the width and length as desired--simply adjust the width of the strips (when cutting pieced strip) and how many strips you put together to make the length of the runner. 

Here's what you need to do:

I used 2" wide strips but if you have a lot of 2-1/2" strips on hand you can increase or decrease as desired, just keep the strips all the same width. You will want to vary the length of your strips from 3" to 14" to add interest. 

Sew strips short ends together to make one long strip. Mix up the prints, color, and lengths to help created the stacked affect. Press seams in one direction. Seam direction can be adjusted if needed but chances are you wont have many that match.

Cut strips to 17" wide for a finished width of 16". If a wider or narrower runner is desired add 1" to desired width and cut strips to that measurement. For my 72" runner with 2" wide strips I cut (48) 17" strips. 

Sew the strips long sides together matching ends as much as possible. Trim runner top to 16" wide. Layer, baste, and quilt as desired. I used (5) 2" x 42" strips for binding. 

Stacked Strips by Sharon Holland