Sewcial Bee Sampler Block #10

Sewcial Bee Sampler Block #10 

Today we'll have enough blocks to complete the first two rows of our Sewcial Bee Sampler quilt! I've been so impressed with all the blocks being posted each week--you're an extremely talented group of quilters. Thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful patchwork.

My very good friend and co-host Maureen Cracknell and I are thrilled that this sew along project is so popular. We're still seeing new SBS Makers joining us every day so please be sure to welcome the new members and help out where you can with encouragement and any pass along any tips you've learned along the way. Thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive community, I know many new friendships have been made because of the SBS.

If you're just joining, you may want to start at the beginning of the community sewing bee with my first post The Start of Something Sewcial and work your way up to the present. I've included tips and tutorials with each new block and they can be helpful, especially if you're new to quilting. 

Download the free Butterfly Crossing block from my Sew Along page.

Block #10 Butterfly Crossing

Today we will introduce a new patchwork technique - Quarter-Square Triangle (QST) Units

Much of what you've already learned in this sampler quilt will be used in this new technique. You've sorta been doing this all along with our 8-at-a-time HST units, and 2-at-time HSTs. The biggest caution I have for you with this block is to cut your pieces carefully to begin with and be certain you're using an accurate 1/4" seam allowance (SA) when sewing. Not only is it imperative to sew the QST units with a true seam allowance, this block has many pieces to it and small infractions on your seams will only multiply in a block with a lot of pieces. To double check your machine for an accurate seam allowance, review my Perfect Patchwork post and take the graph paper test.

1. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each 3-1/4" fabric A square (or lightest fabric). You could draw the line corner-to-corner, in the center or, use a seam guide tool like this one by Omnigrid. To use the seam guide tool, center the yellow line of the ruler from corner to corner, then draw the actual 1/4" SA stitch lines using the outside edges of the ruler.

Place a marked square right sides together with a 3-1/4" fabric B square. Sew a 1/4" SA on each side of the drawn line or directly on the drawn line for the seam guide ruler method. 

QSTs 2.jpg

2. Whichever method you use to mark the square, you will cut the HST unit apart down the diagonal center, separating the two units and leaving 1/4" seam. Make a total of 10 HST units for this block. I chose to make 6 with a fabric A/B combination and 4 with a fabric A/C combination. Press open toward the dark fabric. Trim dog ears.

3. Pair matching HST units right sides together as shown with same fabrics in opposite corners. Nest the seams and draw a diagonal line (or seam guide lines) perpendicular to the seam line on the wrong side of one unit. Note: You can mix and match as desired. Pairing two different HST units will yield two QST unit with a mix of those fabrics. 

4. Sew a 1/4" seam allowance on each side of the marked line (or directly on the sewing guide drawn lines). Cut apart, open, and press. Makes 2 QST units. Make a total of 10 QST units (there will be one left-over because we only need 9 for this block).

Your QST units should measure 2-1/2" square--the same size as the squares used in the block. 

My Butterfly Crossing block is not perfect and some of my points are a little clipped here and there when it all was put together. That doesn't bother me and no one will notice it once it's quilted. Take your time with this block and have fun.

Some of my spring bulbs are starting to bloom and most of these pretties were picked from my yard. I can only imagine it won't be long before real butterflies are flitting about the flowers. I've made this block using my new Bountiful fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics and one of my favorite Pure Element solids - Sweet Macadamia. My Bountiful Blog Tour is just underway this week and I'd love for you to follow along. I've got an amazing line up of talent for this tour-- see the full list on my Bountiful Blog Tour post. If you've been wondering where to buy Bountiful, check out my Shop Fabrics page for shops that carry my various fabric collections. 

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Also, don't forget that Friday is Giveaway Friday and this week Maureen will be hosting the giveaway from her blog. We've got a great giveaway planned from Lady Belle Fabric I know you'll not want to miss! 

Happy sewing!