A Creative Life

A Creative Life

September Bouquet by Sharon Holland

September Bouquet by Sharon Holland

Believe me, I'm fully aware of how lucky I am! My sister always said I'm charmed and I think she is right.

My husband is a wonderful, kind, and giving man who not only makes me laugh everyday but has worked hard to provide for the family which allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom when our kids where growing up. He's always accommodated me in my pursuit of arts and crafts and supported all my dreams along with putting up with crazy photoshoots, sourcing excursions, and taking over the house as my workspace. 

Yellow Rose study by Sharon Holland

Yellow Rose study by Sharon Holland

My recent time spent reconnecting with painting has me first, wanting to thank everyone for the out pouring of wonderful comments and support and second wanting to encourage you to pursue your dreams and goals as well.

You have to know by now that I'm a natural-born enabler, right? Well, I like to think of it more like a cheerleader for the arts whether it's for sewing/quilting, photography, crafting, or fine arts. 

Fox by Sharon Holland

Fox by Sharon Holland

With kids back to school and summer drawing to a close, it's time to start thinking about following some of your dreams.

Even though I have a background in art from my college days long ago, I still wasn't up to date with modern technology. If I hadn't of taken the plunge and gone back to school at age 45 I may not being doing all the wonderfully amazing creative things I'm able to do today.

Luckily, there's now an easier way to learn at your own pace and right from home. It's called Skillshare. I'm a such a big fan of Skillshare that I'm now a Skillshare ambassador!

Monarch on Coneflower by Sharon Holland

Monarch on Coneflower by Sharon Holland

Skillshare is an amazing platform that lets you watch unlimited videos at your own pace the on every subject imaginable. Maybe you're interested in starting watercolors or learning how to draw? There's hundreds of phenomenal teachers from all over the globe are on Skillshare and ready to teach you what you want to learn. 

Want to be a better photographer? Yup, they have all sorts of levels from beginning photography to advanced. The courses are not just art related either, you can learn about how to improve your Instagram feed, be a better business owner, gardener, start calligraphy, learn the newest technology (like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for example), and improve your lifestyle, health, and fitness. 

Summer Lace by Sharon Holland

Summer Lace by Sharon Holland

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start. When I wanted to start painting again I felt incredibly rusty but Skillshare helped me gain the confidence I needed to put pigment to paper again. 

So, if you're intrigued or still on the fence about what Skillshare could do for you, here's a sweet incentive for you to give it a try for 2 free months! Use coupon code: igamb1169.

Yes, no obligations other than signup for your free 2 months and start learning something new--today!

Here's just a few of my favorite teachers on Skillshare:

Leah Goren - Skillshare

Leah Goren - Skillshare

Bonnie Christine - Skillshare

Bonnie Christine - Skillshare

Katya Rozz - Skillshare

Katya Rozz - Skillshare

Robert Joyner - Skillshare

Robert Joyner - Skillshare

There's no end to what you can accomplish and each Skillshare class is broken down into bite-size segments and class projects you can share with the class and get feedback from the teacher. You work at your own pace, access the classes at anytime, and rewatch as needed. 

So, what do you say? You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!!!!

Happy learning from your creative cheerleader,


Signature Bedroom

Signature Bedroom

Signature Soho Bedroom wall.jpg

Today I'll be taking a closer look at the Signature fabrics Soho bedroom I put together for a photo shoot to show off my new Signature fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. This room was another mock-room setting I put together in my studio and I had so much fun sewing and decorating for this scene. See the Signature Baby Room posts Part 1 and Part 2.

Tracery Rose Quilt reduced.jpg

For this mock-room to make sense, it had to tell a story. I wanted something fun and flirty, just like the fabric collection so I came up with the idea to create a Soho loft bedroom from a 20-something girl who loves sewing, flowers, vintage finds, and a little bit of bling. 

Signature Fabrics Bedroom 1.jpg

I didn't want a fussy bed frame so I put the mattress and box spring directly onto the rug-layered floor and stood two same-size, narrow boxes on end. You can't see the boxes because they're covered with a wood boards that made a temporary bench of sorts that I could use as my headboard/shelf. This created the perfect look for my bed and kept everything low and modern. 

Signature Fabrics Bedroom 2.jpg

The quilt on the bed is called Tracery Rose and is an adaptation of the Tracery quilt pattern from my Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living book (Landauer 2017). I wanted layers of fabrics with texture and vintage charm as well as doable DIY projects that my creative girl would want to make for her room. 

Find a tutorial for the fun Fabric Fringe Wallhanging on one of my earlier posts as well as instructions for the Improv Boho Pillow tutorial. These are both great projects to get the kids involved in sewing something for their room.

Signature Pillow 1.jpg

Crafty touches include vintage pompoms, my grandmother's Singer sewing machine on the desk, knitting yarn in the Bucket Bag tote (another free pattern on this site), Art Roll Up caddy for knitting needles or other art supplies (see Free Patterns page), thrifting treasures of vintage jewelry and furniture, and of course florals to bring the garden inside.

Signature Craft Girl.jpg

Pile on the layers and let the photo tell a story! I can just image my younger self busy working on crafts in my room and rearranging and decorating my space with pretty things.

Signature Fabrics and yarn.jpg

This photo of the basket with yarn and fabric is one of my favorite shots because of all the yummy textures, layers, and colors. I had the last minute idea to throw a piece of faux fur on the chair seat and that added a bit of glam to the look plus more texture and interest!

AGF Signature Sewing.jpg

This petite desk's was something I picked up at a garage sale almost 20 years ago! I painted it gold after I bought it and it's normal spot is as a nightstand by my bed. Because I wanted to bring in different metal elements into my Soho bedroom like gold, copper, and silver I thought it would make the cutest sewing table for this scene. The sewing machine was my grandmother's and it still works like a dream. I have it as a backup machine and don't sew with it much but it's comforting to know it's here with me when I need it. 

The chair is another garage sale find and it has a big hole in the caned seat. I've hidden the hole with a piece of faux fur to repeat the look on the other side of the room. 

Signature Kimono.jpg

Although I am obsessed with so many of my sewing makes for the two mock-up rooms, the project that's gotten the most wear is my Signature Extempore Rayon kimono. This garment was an easy make for a non-garment sewer like me and AGF rayon is the perfect fabric for a flowie cover up like this. I used Simplicity pattern 1108 and chose the cropped cut because I'm only 5'2'' and it's a good proportion for my frame. 

AGF Signature Rayon Kimono.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this look into some of the photos that went into the Signature Look Book and my styled photo shoot. Are you getting lots of inspiration? What would you sew with these prints--quilts, clothes, or something else?

My Signature Sampler Begins

My Signature Sampler Begins

My Signature Sampler Rolls.jpg

You've nearly finished or better yet, you've finished both your Sewcial Bee Sampler and Community Sampler, now what? During those sew alongs, did you find yourself saying "This is my favorite block, yet!" or "I could make a whole quilt from this block!" Well, now's your chance to explore those blocks further and even try out some new blocks.

I've been anxious to make a sampler quilt with my new Signature fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics so I came up with an idea for a sampler sew along that will be as fun for me as it is for you! The bright idea is to utilize all the block instructions from the Sewcial Bee Sampler (SBS), Community Sampler (CS), AGF Quilt Block Collection (AGF), and the blocks from the Quilter's Planner magazine (QP) and let you be the designer! 

You can create your own sampler quilt or sew along with me as I make my sampler. I've made a handy-dandy fabric and coloring book page for you if you want to make a quilt with the same blocks as mine. Both the colored (fabric) version and blank version have a block list that contains the block's sources and week order in four columns below the illustration. I've even included fabric information for the materials I'll be sewing with on the colored (fabric) version.

Click image to download fabrics page

Click image to download fabrics page

Since this is not a structured sew along like in the past two events I cannot possibly know everyones fabric requirements as quilt block selection and sizes will vary. The following is a close proximity of material required for a sampler like the one I will be making. I've figured fat quarters for easy reference but this is a generous figure. All blocks are 12-1/2'' unfinished, that includes the frames on some of the blocks.

My Signature Sampler Material List:

  • Fourteen assorted fat quarters for blocks
  • 1-1/2 yards for center setting triangles
  • 1-1/4 yards for outer edge setting triangles
  • 1/2 yard for binding
  • 4-1/4 yards for backing
  • 74'' square batting
Click image to download coloring book page

Click image to download coloring book page

By having this multitude of blocks available to you at the beginning of the sew along, you're able to work at your own pace. Maybe you want to make all the blocks in one week--that would be amazing! Or, maybe you prefer a one-block-a-week approach and spend more time outdoors with the kids--totally cool!

Whatever your schedule or goal for your quilt design it's up to you--the designer. By me organizing and hosting a sew along for this freeform-style sampler, it keeps you motivated and sharing your progress on Instagram (which keeps you in the running for the weekly IG giveaway prizes!)*

Photo by Sharon Holland

Photo by Sharon Holland

My Signature fabrics are all about the natural world and gardens. I want my quilt to capture the abundance of flowers now blooming in my yard so I can celebrate this same joy all year round and this flat lay photo of cuttings from my yard is my inspiration for my fabric selections.

Sunflower block featuring Signature fabrics from the AGF Quilt Block Collection

Sunflower block featuring Signature fabrics from the AGF Quilt Block Collection

This entire sew along concept came after I made my own version of the above Sunflower block from the AGF Quilt Block Collection. If you'd like to add this block to your sampler, use the provided link to watch a You Tube tutorial for how it's pieced as well as detailed cutting instructions on the drop down More feature in the text. 

Block #1 - My Signature Sampler

Block #1 - My Signature Sampler

Using the previously written PDFs for past samplers, AGF block tutorials, and the beautifully written and illustrated Quilter's Planner block of the month instructions that frees me up from writing and let's me have more fun this time around. Each week I will provide links to the various blocks I put into my sampler and if I've made any variations to the original block instructions I will give you that information in the blog post.

Remember, you can always refer back to the Sewcial Bee Sampler and Community Sampler blog post tutorials the accompanied each past sew along block by using the search bar at the top of this blog. There you will get additional information on how to piece each block or technique. 

If you need extra help with your patchwork or would like to learn how to control the direction of your prints in half-square triangle units and other piecing techniques, visit my Tutorials page for lots of great tutorials all in one place. 

For a listing of online shops that carry my Signature collection, visit my Fabrics page.


Due to putting this sew along together so quickly, I'm still waiting to hear back from some sponsors. Expect this already impressive list of generous sponsors to fill out over the next couple of weeks.


Every Friday when I reveal a new block to My Signature Sampler, I'll also be posting the weekly giveaway. 

Signature color way sm.jpg

To get you sewing on the right foot and entice you to sew your sampler with Signature fabrics (wink, wink) I'm giving away a 20-piece fat quarter bundle of my Signature fabrics for Art Gallery Fabric plus an additional fat quarter of Perennial Printemps (not shown in image above) for a total of 21 fat quarters!

This lucsious Signature collection comes in two color ways. On the left is the Foliar color way of coral, yellow, and forest greens. The stack on the right is called the Atmospheric color way and is cooler tones of turquoise, teal, fuchsia, and pink.

Signature and Printemps.jpg

I've mixed a bit from both color ways into my sampler and added the recolored Printemps Fusions version of my Bountiful Perennial print (shown above on the bolt) to bring in more yellow to go with the Signature Lacey Cosmos print (top right).  

This Giveaway is now CLOSED. Congratulations to Maxime Suchoski!

Note: This giveaway is open to EVERYONE! If you're a "no reply" or anonymous commenter, please remember to include your email address in your comment--you can't win if I can't get a hold of you!

1. Simply leave a comment here under this post! (First comment entry).

2. Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest. Just let me know that you did by making a separate comment here to record that entry. (Separate comment-second entry). 

3. My blog followers get a third entry! If you follow via subscribing to my posts, just let me know by making a separate comment here to record that entry. (Separate comment-third entry).

4. Help spread the word!! I know that many of you already do, so I thought it would be nice to add that as another way to enter! Spread the word about the My Signature Sampler sew along on YOUR instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog post, etc... (separate comment-fourth entry). 

That’s FOUR possible entries! Enter now through Monday, June 25th! The winner will be picked at random around 4pm Eastern. I will post the name of the winner on this post once they've been notified and responded to my email.

*Don't forget to enter into this same giveaway on Instagram by posting images of your sampler inspiration, sampler fabric pull, blocks, or posting the My Signature Sampler badge (below). Use the official #mysignaturesampler hashtag every time you post about this sew along on IG to better your chances of winning. See my Instagram giveaway post @sharonhollanddesigns for full details. 
My Signature Sampler Rolls.jpg

Thanks for sewing along with me!

xxxx Sharon

Signature Bucket Bag

Signature Bucket Bag


This month my sixth fabric collection, Signature for Art Gallery Fabrics hits the shops. I couldn't be more excited to share this collection with you in the form of new, free projects!

As the industry gathers in Portland, Oregon this weekend for the Spring Quilt Market, I'm staying home and opted out of displaying my new collection at the show. My decision not to go stemmed from several reasons. One, my second grandchild arrived in April and I took a break from work to go lend a hand. That put me way behind in my normal market prep sewing but I wouldn't have missed being present for the birth for the world! 

Two, I decided, in advance that if I stayed home I would finally remodel my sewing/guest room in my house and turn it into a proper studio space so I could stage different photography scenes for my projects. I was actually able to remodel my room and buy some new props for less than it would have cost me to go to the show and now I can bring you more and better displays here from home. 

Signature fabrics look A reduced.jpg

This is just a tiny peek into the first of several Signature Looks. Over the next few weeks I will be posting new, free projects and a closer look into each set up. As always, be sure to watch my feed and Stories on Instagram for even more, day-to-day posts.


You first saw my Kantha-Style Bucket Bag when I took part in Jessica Swifts Tallinn blog tour last month. I just didn't have the time then to write up the pattern for it then, and thank you for being patient till I could get it prepared. 

Bucket Bag by Sharon Holland.jpg

There were so many asking for this pattern after I posted about it I decided to remake it in my new Signature fabrics, get the pattern written, and include it in the Signature LookBook coming out next month. 

You'll find the free PDF download for my Bucket Bag on the Free Patterns page of this blog. 


Bag details include hand-quilted stitching with Aurifloss embroidery thread on the exterior of the bag, eight roomy interior pockets, and fun embellishments like Extra-Large Eyelets and Swivel Hook, and Tassel Cap from Dritz


For the interior of the bag I used Art Gallery Fabrics Smooth Denim (DEN-S-2007) in Nectarine Sunrise and Lateral Bud Profusion (SGN-68710) for the pockets. 


For the exterior of my bag I use (from the opening to bottom) Extempore Fancy (SGN-58700), Traveler Raindrops (SGN-58705), Lateral Bud Profusion (SGN-68710), and Small World Sprightly (SGN-68713).

For a quick tutorial on how to make a tassel using the Dritz Tassel Cap kit, take a look back at the Tallinn blog tour post.

Signature Foliar 2.jpg

There are 20 prints in the Signature collection and comes in two color ways. Between the two color ways there are 14 different prints because in some cases the print only has one coloring. That's what makes this collection so deep and interesting. I'm still making discoveries as I sew! Above is the Foliar color way and below is the Atmospheric color way.

Signature Atmospheric 2.jpg

Shops are just getting their stock of Signature in and I've begun adding a few online shop listings to my Fabrics page. Some have already sold out in the first week so keep checking back as they restock and more shops list their new inventory.