2011 International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati

Last weekend, my husband and I got to attend the 2011 International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio. The International Quilt Festival was a great show and I enjoyed going. I did not have the chance to attend any classes but the day was very enjoyable looking at the vendors booths and the spectacular display of truly artistic quilts. I took a ton of pictures of quilts but will limit what I share to only 15. There were so many wonderful quilts and the amount of time, energy and creativeness that went into each quilt leaves me in awe. So, here is a tiny sample of what I saw and I have posted them in alphabetical order.

The images on this site are not to be used on any goods or ordered for images from items that may be purchased. Please protect the quilt makers rights. Enjoy!

Basket of Tulips
Bugs and Other Living Things
Call it the Blues
Circular Momentum
Iris in My Garden
My Double Wedding Ring
Sew Long Sally
Similarities of the Differences
Square Dance
Sunshine & Chocolate
The Girls of Tyrone Farm
The White Garden
Wheel of Teal

Great stuff huh? I have a lot of energy, but not enough to create such lovely works of art as these. I hope you are inspired, I know I am. Happy sewing!