Fall Houston Quilt Market 2014

Hello Everyone!

It has been 2 weeks since Quilt Market and I still am flying high from the experience! It was my first time exhibiting at the show and let me tell you I was very nervous about the whole thing. From making enough quilts and sewing project from the strike-off (1/2 yard amounts of each print) to how to get everything to Houston from Ohio to set up, taking down and everything in between. 

A lot of planning went into getting ready and having fabulous friends were the winning combination that made the adventure a success! Everything went so smoothly which made it all that more enjoyable. 

The best part about the show was getting to meet the other Art Gallery Fabric designers. They are so sweet and creative, it was fun getting to know them better. I met Katy Jones, Maureen Cracknell, Sara Lawson, Bari J., April Rhodes, Bonnie Christine, and Leah Duncan. Of course there is the amazing Pat Bravo owner of and designer for Art Gallery Fabrics. What a cool bunch of people to hang out with!

Here are a few pictures from the show, you will find more on my instagram page.

Gossamer fabrics knits made into adorable Desert Rose dresses by Caila Murphy of CailaMade.

Now that the Market dust is settled I am home writing up patterns for the quilts I designed for the booth. The Gossamer fabrics will be available at your local quilt shops in December and I plan to have my patterns available for sale through Craftsty and other online sources by the end of November. 

I am also busy working on a new collection for Art Gallery Fabrics that will be shown in Minneapolis fat the spring Quilt Market 2015. More to come on that but I have a bit more work to do designing first!