Finish Line

With Quilt Market coming up this month (really, 2-1/2 weeks away) I now have 6 quilt tops in varying stages of completion. I always cut out my binding strips when I am cutting the pieces for a quilt. That way I don't use the material slated for the quilt in another project or waste time later hunting it down because it's now in a pile of fabrics in my closet. 

I took the time yesterday to prepare the bindings for all the tops. What a wonderful feeling to know the strips are already sewn together, pressed, folded, and rolled. Now I can just grab a pretty little bundle and sew! 

Binding bundles labeled and ready to sew!

My next Design Process post will be all about types of bindings and how to finish your quilt. (Expect that post around the end of October--after Quilt Market :)