Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Blog Tour

Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Blog Tour

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You can imagine my excitement when my first quilt book Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living (Landauer 2017) became a reality this October and I could hold a printed copy in my hand. Well, I'm even more elated about the upcoming blog tour! Starting Monday, December 4th with the talented Heidi Staples of Fabric Mutt and running each day until the 19th are 16 creative bloggers to tell you all about my book. 

Monday 12/4  Heidi Staples - Fabric Mutt

Tuesday 12/5  Amy Friend - During Quiet Time

Wednesday 12/6  Maureen Cracknell - Maureen Cracknell Handmade

Thursday 12/7  Amber Johnson - Gigi's Thimble

Friday 12/8  Karen O'Connor - Lady K Quilts Designs

Saturday 12/9  Kori Turner-Goodhart - Olive Grace Studios

Sunday 12/10  Silvia Sutters - A Stranger View

Monday 12/11  Sarah Maxwell - Designs by Sarah J

Tuesday 12/12  Jessica Swift - Jessica Swift

Wednesday 12/13  Lisa Ruble - Love to Color My World

Thursday 12/14  Cindy Wiens - Live a Colorfullife

Friday 12/15  Eleri Kerian - Sew and Tell Project

Saturday 12/16  Anjeanette Klinder - Anjeanette K

Sunday 12/17  Stephanie Kendron - Modern Sewciety

Monday 12/18  Christopher Thompson - The Tattooed Quilter

Tuesday 12/19  Susan Playsted - Hopewood Home

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To kick off the tour I'd like to share a free quilt project with you that I designed to go along with the book. Roman Stripe is super fun to make and a great scrap quilt. You can use jelly roll strips or cut your own 2-1/2" wide strips - the more the merrier with this one!

Roman Stripe by Sharon Holland

Roman Stripe by Sharon Holland

Roman Stripe by Sharon Holland

Roman Stripe by Sharon Holland

The premise of my book is to make quilts to be used. Don't stress about stitching museum showpieces or quilts you're afraid to let anyone touch--make quilts to be part of your everyday life. Experiment with colors and prints. Feel free to create what sings to your heart and forget about color theories (of which I do go over in the book as a basic understanding of color theory).

Make what you love and love what you make. 
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Even though this book is only 80 pages, I've managed to pack it full of everything you'll need to make 12 easy-to-piece quilts from start to finish. This is a great resource for a beginning quilter or even seasoned quilters that want fun new projects. I go over fabric selection, cutting of fabric, patchwork basics, utility-style quilting, and finishing of the quilt. The quilt projects are based in traditional patchwork but all have a fresh-modern look--perfect for today's home. 



It pains me deeply that I already have a correction in my book but that's what happens when you have different people to depend on and many hands on a project. This beautiful quilt called Goose Chase has some changes to the material list and cutting instructions on it's first page. Use this link to Landauer Publishings Correction page and download the changes. I know this stuff happens but that gives me no comfort and am sorry for any headaches it may cause you.

Goose Chase web.jpg

My lovely daughter and dashing son-in-law were my models for this photo. The beauty shot photo of this quilt in the book has a different version and includes my granddaughter in the scene who at that time was less than a year old.

I like to pack meaning in everything I do and this book almost feels like a family album in a way. My friends and family all played a big role in making this possible. Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living is as much a lifestyle book as it is a quilting book. I wanted a cover that could rival any home decor magazine and purposely started the reader outside in front of a house. SIDE NOTE: And no, it's not my house but I like to say it should've been my house. We looked at that home when it was fresh on the market when we were finding a place to live in Ohio. Unfortunately it was priced well beyond our comfort zone and we had to find something else. I love that it's the cover for my book and that curved roof line is divine!

From the exterior of a home I lead you through a home beginning on the porch and into the front entry. Every room of this collective home represents how people live today. We end the projects with Goose Chase out in the backyard for a sweet, impromptu picnic. The life-style inset photos were taken by Susan Playsted of Hopewell Home and Susan can tell you more about how that all came about on her blog tour day. Let's just say social media is truly social and it was an amazing collaboration!

Tracery by Sharon Holland

Tracery by Sharon Holland

I'm happy to announce that this website now has a STORE! My first and only item in my shop right now is my book. I have limited quantities to sell and although you could get the book through Amazon (affiliate link) and potentially pay no shipping costs you can only get it signed through my site so hopefully that offsets the extra expense of paying shipping :) Please note that I'm only shipping to US residents at this time. As I get more comfortable with having a store and add more items to my shop then I will open shipping up to more global locations in the future. 

With every good blog tour also comes good giveaways, right? Each of the Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Blog Tour bloggers has the opportunity to give away one of my books to a lucky follower. I'm leaving it up to the blogger to run their own giveaway, so visit each of their posts to see what project(s) they've created from my book and if they're offering a book giveaway. Since the winning books will be shipped directly to the lucky winning entry via Landauer Publishing I'm sorry to say they will not be signed copies. 

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This giveaway is now closed

Congratulations to Jessica Rampelburg!

Follow along on the book blog tour for more chances to win a copy of Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living. 



Cover Quilt

Cover Quilt

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Yup, that's my quilt in the large photo with the chair on the cover of Quilts and More magazine! Not only is my quilt on the cover of this issue but I have two quilts in this Quilts and More Winter 2018 magazine. 

Both of the quilts are made using my Bountiful fabrics for Art Gallery Fabrics and both are super easy to make. 

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

The cover quilt is a mix of simple foundation paper-piecing (FPP) and traditional patchwork. I had originally called this quilt Barnstorm because the diagonal FPP sections made me think of barnwood panels. The radiating design has so much energy and makes for a graphic quilt. In the magazine this project has been renamed (editors do that) to: Bursting with Energy.

Photo and quilt by Sharon Holland

Photo and quilt by Sharon Holland

The second quilt in this same issue is also made using Bountiful fabrics with the addition of Art Gallery Fabrics natural linen and Shannon fabrics faux rabbit minky. This projects is technically not a quilt but a throw because it has no batting and is tied instead of quilted. The drape on this piece is absolutely amazing and the faux rabbit makes it so luxurious and a high end designer piece. 

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

I made both these quilts for Spring Quilt Market to display in my Bountiful booth. I was thrilled when the All People Quilt editor snatched them up for their publications. It's so hard having to wait to share my makes and it feels like all my work since spring is now coming out at once. 

This was a purely for fun project and something completely different than I've ever done before. I wanted to showcase my hide print from Bountiful but interject texture and Farmhouse-style into the project. The answer was the faux fur and pompom ties!

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. Photo by Sharon Holland

Used with permission from Quilts and More™ magazine. ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. Photo by Sharon Holland

This project has it all and could actually be one to get the kids involved in. Truth be told, I'm not sure how well this project would launder. But I do suggest using tapestry wool for the pompom as it's very hard wearing and I would launder by hand if needed. But who cares, right? This is such an amazing tactile throw blanket and talk about wow power--you just have to make one!

I was so thrilled that Meredith Corporation (All People Quilt publisher) bought all my pompom step out photos for this project. I had so much fun making, writing, and photographing this one and then to have the validation of being paid for the photography is a big deal for this gal. So, when you see the article, take note of my name there in the photo credits :)


I'm heading off to Houston tomorrow to attend Quilt Market. There I'll be having a trunk show of quilts from my book at a Schoolhouse session 1:55-2:25 on Friday and three book signings:

Saturday - 11:00 - 11:45 in the Hobb's Batting booth #347

Saturday - 3:00 -3:30 in the Landauer Publishing booth #2040

Sunday - 10:00 - 10:30 in the Brewer booth #734

I hope you'll stop by and say hi if you're planning on attending.

The All People Quilt booth with have both of my quilts on display so I will snap some pics and show you those on my Market Review post when I get back. Otherwise, be watching my Instagram feed @sharonhollanddesigns for postings while I'm at Market. 

Bountiful Holiday Graphic sq-01.jpg

Looking ahead: Starting November 1st I will be hosting the Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour and have lined up some super talented Makers that will be bringing you fast, fun, and fabulous sewing projects for the holidays, gift giving ideas, and home decor sewing. Plus I will have a Harvest colorway fat quarter bundle giveaway at the end of the tour courtesy of the Fat Quarter Shop. 

Stop back soon, there's so much more to share with you!

My Book!

Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living

Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Front Cover.jpg

My first book is at the printers and I'll have a copy in my hand soon. The whole idea that I will have a book is still a bit unnerving and surreal. Yes, I'm not new to publishing and worked producing two magazines for over two years but this publication is all my vision. All twelve quilt projects were created by me, the fabrics are a reflection of my aesthetics and of my stash, the photographs (all except a few images) were styled and photographed by me, and the book layout is also my baby. No wonder I'm anxious and nervous about how this book will do--there's a lot of responsibilities here!

Hawthorn quilt by Sharon Holland Designs - Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living

Hawthorn quilt by Sharon Holland Designs - Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living

The premise of my Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living book is a very simple one--make quilts to be used. I invite you to play with fabric combinations in a new light and not fuss with having enough of that perfect fabric because substitutions are the mother of all creativity. 

Here's what else you will find in my book:

12 well illustrated projects, ranging from table runners to a queen-sized quilt

Great as a beginner book

Skill-building design tips and suggestions throughout

Techniques are taught in an unintimidating way with a focus on the quilt's ultimate use—not on unattainable perfection

Each fast-pieced project is great for beginners, with skill-building design tips and suggestions throughout. These lovely patterns are a reason to dig into your stash and make a quilt that will be used and loved for years to come.

Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Back Cover.jpg

You can now pre-order this book on Amazon (an affiliate) and it will be shipped November 15th, 2017. 

If you're planning on attending Quilt Market next month in Houston I will be having a trunk show of the quilts from the book during School House on Friday (time and room TBA) and have at least two book signings! More info on book signing times and booth numbers next month. 

Star Crossed by Sharon Holland - Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living

Star Crossed by Sharon Holland - Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living

There's a quilt design for everyone in this book. I structured the book as more of a life-style book to show how quilts can be used around the home. The cover starts you on the outside of a house and the interior pages walk you through all the living spaces within a home ending in the back yard. Star Crossed was made with a tween girl in mind and I love the funky plaids (vintage and new) mixed with soft pastels. 


I've always been overly ambitious and this book is no exception. Not only are there 12 great projects but I also cover how to quilt them in several utility-style, simple quilting patterns. Machine, hand, and tied techniques are also covered so you can find what works for you with each project. 

Roman Stripe by Sharon Holland - Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living

Roman Stripe by Sharon Holland - Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living

Of course with every book (or fabric collection) there needs to be a free quilt pattern! This beautiful scrap quilt called Roman Stripe will be available for download through Landauer Publishing once the book is available. I love this quilt and secretly wish I'd have thought of it last year when I was sewing the projects for the book. It has the potential of using dozens of different fabrics and is a great one for using up scrap strips.  

Quilt Stack.jpg

It's hard to be patient, believe me, I know! I'm looking forward to sharing this adventure in sewing with you and can't wait till the book is available and you can start sewing your utility-style quilts too! 

My Creative 2016

My good friend Sharon McConnell of ColorGirlQuilts is hosting a fun Instagram event to post pictures of "My Creative 2016". The postings started on December 1st and will run until December 14th. Anyone can join in on the fun and post pics based on the daily prompts. 

Not only is this a great way to review and appreciate all you've created in the span of a year, you also get to see what others are doing and posting about in the same theme. Sharon McConnell's aim in starting the celebration of My Creative 2016 is to: 

"Share all the positive energy that we have in this wonderful Maker community…I hope we can recognize inspiring makers, favorite finishes and ways we have learned and grown this past year."

Several awesome sponsors have generously joined in to offer giveaways, including Pink Castle FabricsHoffman FabricsArt Gallery Fabrics, and Color Girl Quilts.

Read more about the prompts, how to participate, and using the hashtag #mycreative2016 in your IG posts to enter into the giveaway drawings on the Color Girl Quilts blog.

DAY 1 - My Creative Passion

The first day of the My Creative 2016 was all about introductions and talking about your creative passion(s). 

This photo of me was taken around February of this year and shows me surrounded by my passions. I love being a textile designer, quilt designer and sewist. I also love painting, drawing, and gardening but everything has a common end result of being useful, pretty, and joyful to myself of others. 

DAY 2 - My Color of the Year

This was an easy one for me. All I had to do was look through my IG feed to see what color kept popping up in my work. Peach, coral, orange, and sienna. An analogous range of warm peachy tones runs through my designs.

DAY 3 - Proudest Finish

Another easy one for me. Over the last four months I've been doing a ton of secret sewing and it was finally the time to let the cat out of the bag with my big announcement. My proudest finish of 2016 was making 12 quilts in just under four months for a quilt book that comes out next year!

Utility Quilts Placeholder Cover-01 5.14.04 PM.jpg

I'll be debuting my Utility Style Quilts for Everyday Living book for Landauer Publishing at the spring Quilt Market in St. Louis and the book will be in the warehouse by August next year. This is only a placeholder image for the cover as we needed to get something together for the spring catalog. Believe me, I'll keep you posted on the progress of the book when I can show more. But for now, it's only this sneak peek. 

DAY 4 - I Learned Something New

I found this one somewhat challenging for me to pin down. Yes, I could post a pic of my recent obsession for learning needlepoint (see one of the coasters I've been stitching in the My Color of the Year photo) but I feel I've got so much more to learn about that handcraft. Instead, I think I learned more about myself this year then a particular skill. I've learned it's okay to get old and to wear it (stopped coloring my hair in June) like a badge of honor like it is rather than to hide from it. I've learned to be true to yourself and let your inner artist call the shots. Do what makes your heart ❤️ sing. Although I didn't have as much time this year to paint as I would've liked, I did dust off my brushes and play on a few canvases. I was rusty but it made my heart sing! And lastly and most importantly put your family first! This is a fabulous community but social media is no replacement for the real family in your life. Make time for family.

Blue Shade by Sharon Holland

Blue Shade by Sharon Holland

I hope you'll stop by @sharonhollanddesigns on Instagram to say 'hi" and play along by showing us what you've created in 2016. Be sure to use the #mycreative2016 hashtag and you could also win some awesome prizes!