What I've Been Working On

I have a nice size vegetable garden, what we like to call our salsa garden. Now, I don't eat the salsa, my husband does so really, it is his salsa garden. It is now that time of year when the tomatoes are coming in hot and heavy. Each weekend we are in the kitchen cooking up a batch of salsa. By the time those first frosts come, I am secretly glad for nature to be packing it up for the season. By that time, we have enough salsa and canned tomatoes stored away on the shelves to last till next season.

Now that it is August, attention is also turning towards the house and being indoors more. This is the time to assess our interior spaces and think about the months ahead. With our last child now off to college, I no longer have a kid in the house for our dog Ruby to sleep with. I really didn't want to invite her into my bed since I have not had a dog sleeping with us for several years now - and like it that way! I needed to find a solution that we could all be happy with. So, last week I made her a cozy doggie bed that would fit under my night stand, which is a petite, vintage desk I had painted gold. The dog bed turned out very well and Ruby is very happy in it at night! I am happy too!

This week I am starting work on a new collection (for spring 2012), it is all in the early stages of deciding color palettes and general look and feeling for the collection. It will be several months yet before I have anything pulled together, this is that awkward stage of a new collection.

I am hoping to post a new project next time I make a post. I just have to write-up the instructions for it but it will be for a microwavable neck or body wrap pack that make a great gift. It is a quick and easy project. I had made a bunch of these to give as gifts on our trip last month and they were a great hit.