Thoughts of Spring

Hello Everyone! The mid-west is having a bit of a warm up this weekend and into the week. I don't want to look at the forecast to find out that it might change back to cold again, I just want to enjoy it - the 30's and 40 degree temps - while it lasts. The sun has been shining and I have been able to get out and walk. I do love being outdoors.

To help me feel like spring is around the corner, I always  start my veggie seeds indoors this time of year. My husband and I have our garden all planned out. We want to put in 15 tomato plants and 7 sweet pepper plants and 7 various hot pepper plants. We also plant: onions, green beans, lettuce, spinach and zucchini and herbs. My husband is in it for the salsa he helps make during the summer. We can tons of salsa and tomatoes jars.

I got my copy of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine this week. The quilt on the cover was designed by Sue Linam, the Head Stylist at Fabri-Quilt. She also designed the Graphix fabrics that are used in the quilt. Sue is great to work with at Fabri-Quilt, she is so upbeat and fun, just like her fabrics and quilt.

In this same March/April issue of Love of Quilting, I got to see the first advertisement for my Blue Skies collection! It is so cool to see my collection out and available. Check your local quilt shop for Blue Skies or has fat quarter packs and will have a quilt kit available with the Blue Skies collection. My daughter found a shop online that carries my Blue Skies collection. If you are looking for the collection, check out:

I plan to happily work on designing this week. It is hard not to think about spring with all the lovely colors the magazines and the winter weather giving us a bit of reprieve, I will use my springy thoughts to translate into color palettes and pretty patterns. I hope your thought are also turned towards spring and you are getting excited about some future project. Every day is one day closer to spring!