What Others Are Sewing 2

I wanted to make another post about what others are sewing because there are an awful lot of creative people out there making wonderful stuff out of my fabrics! I had made a post "What Others Are Sewing" on May 17, 2011 so it is time for an update. Gina from Bolt Neighborhood has suggested making hostess gifts using prints from my Love Grows collection. She loves the Love Grows palette and thought that aprons made from Jamie Christina Cupcake Apron or Palooza Apron patterns would be perfect.

Shibadesigns on Etsy has made this adorable "Everyday Purse" as well as this cell phone case from my Tall Grass print from the Blue Skies Collection. Check out this purse and her other items!

Julie in WA posted her version of my "Trimming the Tree" quilt design on her site I'mKeepingBusy. Each year her church presents quilts to high school grads that are college bound. She used donated fabrics to create this quilt from my free quilt project found on the Fabri-Quilt web site. I think it turned out wonderful. Best of luck to all the grads and what a wonderful thing for her church to do!

The current issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting has a quilt that I designed as a on-line bonus quilt. The "Snowflake" is made from my Winter Song Collection and can be downloaded free from the Fons & Porter web site.

A returning favorite to my What Others Are Sewing posts are the super cute items made at PrettyCoolShops.

The "Bag of Holding" is an over-sized purse that incorporates my paisley "Koi Pond" print from the Blue Skies Collection.

Ok, really love this "Ruched Cotton Wristlet" bag done from my "Pressed Flowers" print from the Blue Skies Collection!

Diana at Pretty Cool Shops knows how to put that retro spin on her items, I just love her products!

Marci from Marci Girl Designs has made a Kaleidoscope quilt and has added prints from my Blue Skies Collection along with her other fun print choices to make a stunning quilt.

I am very inspired by everyone's work, I love poking around the internet every month or so to see what is going on out there. Thank you for posting all your products and projects!