Wildwood Quilt Photo Op

Hello Everyone! I want to take a moment and welcome all the new readers/subscribers to my site. Many of you have found me through the projects I have posted on my Craftsy page. I am glad you found me! A few blog posts back, I told you about the Wildwood throw quilt I designed and made. You can find the full PDF instructions for this quilt on this blog, just use this link: Wildwood Throw Quilt Project or use the images links on the right side bar. Well, anyway, what you may not have known was that quilt was going to be a Christmas gift for my daughter who is in graduate school. I could not write about it being a gift for her because she reads my blog! Boy was she surprised when she opened up her gift!

When she was home for Christmas (along with her boyfriend) we all had an opportunity to go to an arboretum and do a photo shoot with her and her Wildwood quilt. We had a beautiful day for January in the Midwest and had a ton of fun photographing. Here are my favorite pictures of our day.

This quilt project is a great one for a beginner, new to quilting, it is quick and easy with great results, give it a try!

P.S. Love you Anna, wish you were still here. When you use your quilt, think of it as a big hug from me.