Wildwood Quilt Project

With 2011 drawing to an end, it is natural to be reflective and take stock on what happened throughout the year. My year can be measured in projects along side the family milestones. I had a very good, productive and happy year! I want to close-out this year with one last project for my readers. My Christmas tree inspired throw quilt -- Wildwood. If you remember, I put up a Christmas tree with pine cone, acorn, bird and nut ornaments all in bronzes, golds, silvers and coppers. I love the woodland look and mood of this tree, as if the woodland birds and animals decorated it in the forest.

This tree inspired me to make a throw quilt that captured more of the colors and mood of the tree rather then doing a Christmas quilt. Here is the finished quilt...

This is a generous sized throw quilt, measuring 72 x 72 inches. I hand quilted it using pearl cotton DMC floss in straight, diagonal quilting lines that followed the "X" shape of the blocks. It was a very quick and easy project to do.

To get a free PDF download of this project, go to my Projects page or the Wildwood Throw Quilt project page for complete instructions.

I hope your year has been filled with happiness and numerous projects like mine has. Best wishes and happiness to you in 2012.