Salvage the Selvedge

We all have it, those bags, boxes, bins of bits of scrap materials we just cannot think of throwing away. The "I will use it one of these days" mentalities all craft and sewing people seem to have. Well, what about all that wonderful, sturdy selvedge edges that are cut or torn off the materials we use? That is good stuff! You can't throw that away! Well, what do you do with it? Since I have grown a vegetable garden every year for the last 22 or so years, I have found a terrific use for all those yards of selvedge edges.

I always hope to have had a productive year sewing so I have lots of selvedge balls made up and on hand come gardening time. I also make sure that my Dad gets his share of selvedge balls as well because he keeps a large garden each year too. So, I need to do lots of sewing!

We (my Dad and I) use the selvedge to tie up our tomato plants. The material is strong and gentle so it does not to cut into the plants. Not to mention it is colorful and fun to remind yourself of this or that project as you unwind a ball of many selvedges. This year, I predict my Dad and I will have "The best tomatoes ever!"  since we will be using selvedge with my name on it! Well, let's hope anyway!

Today is a gorgeous, pristine day outside. It was the perfect day to inspect the garden and do a bit of tidying up.  I had some help while I worked. My dog Ruby (a Westie/Pomeranian mix) caught some nice breezes in the shade and overlooked my garden work. I was also accompanied by this little bird (a sparrow I think) who did not seem to mind sharing the garden with me.

I have used a bit of selvedge on the handle of my good sewing scissors to make sure no one touches and thinks they are regular scissors.

So there is another use for such nice strips of fabric. But other than those two applications,  I have not needed to come up with any other uses to full-fill the "I will use it someday" syndrome since all of mine get put to garden use. Well, what if you do not have a garden, what then? Maybe all you readers out there have other ways of using your beautiful selvedge and would like to share. Leave a comment and tell me some other uses on how you Salvage the Selvedge.

Happy sewing and happy gardening!