What Others Are Sewing

It is a lot of fun to poke around the internet and see what others are creating with my fabrics. Now that the Blue Skies collection has been out awhile and Love Grows has been in cloth since the spring, I am finding different projects that are being sewn up. There will probably be some wonderful Christmas projects made from the Winter Song collection, but now, I am probably the only crazy one making Christmas quilts. I have made five different Holiday quilts for various quilt magazines that will be out at the end of the year. Let's see what is being sewn up!

First off, I want to draw attention to a worthy and kind cause. The 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. Visit AllPeopleQuilt.com and you will find a pillowcase in my Blue Skies collection. I plan to sew up a bunch of pillowcases to give to this challenge. If you are not familiar with this project, check it out as well as look for the ad placed in your favorite quilt magazine.

Audrie, from Blue is Bleu blog is teaching a class on how to sew her "Sparkling Cider" quilt. She is using all 20 prints from the Blue Skies collection in this quilt. Now that I just wrote that, what a perfect collection to go along with her website!

Well, I think her quilt turned out just fantastic, I LOVE IT! Fantastic work and great fabric placement and movement to the quilt.

Wendy Sheppard of Wendy Sheppard Designs was the quilt designer behind the Love Grows quilt featured in the Spring issue of Fabric Trends. She has a site, Ivory Spring so you can follow her other sewing endeavors as well as get the behind the pages story on the quilt that was featured in Fabric Trends using my Love Grows collection.

Here is something fun that you can buy! Visit Pretty Cool Shops to find these items made from fabrics from the Blue Skies collection.

You can buy this adorable purse done in my Retro Rose print at: http://prettycoolshops.com/bitty-buttercup-bag-retro-blue-roses/

Keep your guys looking sharp with this retro Bow Tie, here is the link: http://prettycoolshops.com/retro-bow-tie-teal-and-white/

Now, I also LOVE this! Michelle Wooderson ofMish Mash has put together these very fun, Earthy Flower Fabric Kits that she sells fromEtsy. She has pulled together wonderful bits of paper, notions and trinkets along with my Poppy print from the Blue Skies collection to create a your own tags and other creations.

How creative!

I have recently had the pleasure of corresponding with and working with Brenda Plaster of Spool and Bobbin Quilting. Brenda is the talented quilt maker who pieced and quilted my New Dresden quilt that will be shown in an up coming issue ofQuilt Magazine. Brenda creates original as well as commissioned quilts. Her site is a feast for the eyes of beautiful quilts. I am looking forward to working with Brenda again in the future.

I will keep a look out for other projects being sewn up by all the talented people out there. I hope to make another post like this again in the future. It was a lot of fun seeing all the talent and creativeness that goes on. Thanks for sharing!