A New Year!

OK, I knew I hadn't made a post for a while, but a whole month? I can say I haven't made a post since last year! Sorry about that. I am hoping everyone had an enjoyable end to 2010, I kind of hate to see that year go, last year had really turned out to be a good year for me. I am pretty sure 2011 will be just as good if not better, there will be plenty happening this year. Already I have been busy with textile related work. Let me catch you up.

During the last part of December I was contacting various quilting magazines about being a contributor to their publications. I have made many contacts and am gearing up to be in all sorts of issues this year using the three different collections. I will keep you posted about which magazine, issue date and any other goings on.

I am working on sewing items for a trade show in Seattle to showcase my Blue Skies collection fabrics. I need to have stuff sewn by the end of January. Going to the trade show along with the Prairie Flower quilt below (a free project download at www.fabri-quilt.com) will be a dress, apron, shopping bags and various other little goodies sewn up using my textiles. It is a lot of fun sewing up things to show off the fabrics. Here is the Prairie Flower quilt I designed, all finished and ready to go off into the world.

One of the many other projects I have worked on during these first weeks of January was to get my sewing room in order as well as my closets that I store my fabrics in. That was a big job but now I am soooo organized and ready to dive into my work. "A clean space is a happy space" is my mantra. I have checked items off my January to-do list already, I am already ready for this year to go fast, I had to start in right away.

Other textiles news would be on the Love Grows collection. I got the first rounds of strike-offs already and they are looking terrific! Again, just a subtle shift in colors, the blues were too green and the greens were too blue. It is just a matter of making small changes to those colors across the board, so keep your fingers crossed that the second strike-off are on the mark. Hopefully that collection will move along as fast as Winter Song did. I should be sewing up quilts with the Winter Song fabrics pretty soon.

I hope you too have big plans and aspirations for this new year. Set some goals, start (and finish) some projects, take time to enjoy along the way and clean out at least one closet, believe me, it is a good feeling!

Happy New Year!