Wow, what a week!

What a crazy, amazing and exhausting week. Last week started on Saturday with sewing projects for a trade show coming up in February in Seattle. I wont be at the trade show but I made fun things from my Blue Skies collection that will be there to show off the fabric line. Going to the show along with the Prairie Flower quilt will be a dress with coordinating flower pin, an apron, grocery shopping bags, a wall pocket organizer, a baby quilt and a baby dress. I made two of my pin cushion birdies and created a nest for them.

Isn't this brown Tall Grass print just perfect for the nest?!! I love it!!! The birds and the other projects flew to Fabri-Quilt on Thursday morning.

I will be posting the instructions for this Baby Blue Skies quilt later this week. It is a very, very simple project. This quilt can be whipped up in no time using 6" blocks and a simple border. The simple blocks really make the soft blues from my collection sweet and lets the prints stand out. What also makes this quilt fun is the use of embroidery floss in big, chunky stitches. This adds a touch of whimsy to the quilt and of course, is hand-stitched so there's a nice touch as well.

If you have a project you would like to try this embroidery floss quilting on, use a twisted type of embroidery floss, not the six strand floss. The twisted floss is a bit silkier and slides through the layers easier. Use a needle that does not flare out at the eye, it stays the same thickness from tip to eye and is as small as you can use and still thread. I want to warn you that this can be a bit tough on the fingers, but I did do this project in two evenings so I was really pushing it and my fingers to get it done.

On Wednesday I had a phone interview with Mark Lipinski from Fabric Trends for Quilters magazine. Mark interviewed me for the spring issue's Designer Profile section. What a riot it was to talk to Mark! He was my first interview and he put me right at ease. I felt like I was chatting with an old friend rather than being interviewed. Of course I can think of a million things I should have, could have said now, but maybe there will be other opportunities in the future, there is still plenty to talk about! I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in that issue. I hope my local grocery store has ordered a lot of issues for spring, I will probably be buying them all to send to my family.

But wait, there is more to my week of crazy, amazing and exhausting.

I got a phone call on Wednesday from Fabri-Quilt that Hancock's of Paducah will be showing nine of my fabrics from the Winter Song collection at the Paducah quilt show in April. They would like me to design a quilt for them to have at the show! How great is that?! It is fantastic, that's what it is! I have been busy, busy since Friday coming up with quilt designs. I will be sending them off this week to see if they would like one of the designs. Keep you fingers crossed, the pressure is on! Be looking for this label on the back of a quilt in Paducah...

I wonder what this week will be like! I wish everyone a crazy, amazing and exhausting week, it is a fun roller coaster ride.