Another Year

This year has really flown by for me! Gee it seems like 2012 just got started and now this year is in it's final days! The old saying, "Time flies when your having fun" is very true. Working on the Quilt-it... today and Sew-it... today magazines has been fun and challenging. We currently have two issues of each magazine out and the third of each in the works. I measure my time by issues now.

Sew-it… today cover

I haven't had a chance to design any new projects for my site since I have taken on my new position with the magazine. Not that I haven't been making things, you will find plenty of my projects in the issues. I do want to share an on-line projects we have posted on our website. This project is called Single Wedding Ring. I had made this quilt for my daughter Anna when she was a baby and now have the instructions for the project in a free PDF download on the Quilt-it... today website.

Qit Single Wedding Ring project

Some of you may remember my daughter, Anna from my Wildwood Throw project. Her and her boyfriend Ben were my models when I photographed that quilt project.

And I used them again as models for my Weekend Picnic quilt seen in the premier issue of Quilt-it... today.

Aren't they adorable!?! Well, over Thanksgiving, the two of them got engaged! So, 2013 will be an extra special year for my family because there will be a wedding this coming spring!

Plenty to do between now and then as you can imagine. I am sure this new year will fly by even faster than 2012 had!

My best to all for a wonderful 2013 filled with love, happiness and lots of quilting and sewing projects!