Square in Square Throw Quilt Project

Hello Everyone! Well, it is not spring yet, there are still many weeks till the calendar or weather comes around and still plenty of time to do some sewing projects before the outdoors calls us away from the sewing machine. Quilt shows are starting to pop up around the country, I have a couple I plan to attend over the next month and a half. Going to the shows will be a great chance to get out and see new fabrics and notions to start planning new projects.

I just finished my daughters wedding quilt, which I will be featuring in the magazine, so you will have to wait till then to see it! It is done in 60 various blue prints and white. Traditional and modern all at once. I will post some pictures once it is print.

Working on my daughters quilt was a great way to dig into my stash of fabrics. Using some precious scraps saved from special people and times in our lives. It is a good feeling using what you have and incorporating those fabrics into a quilt that will be used and love.

I have a new project posted called Square in Square that is a great quilt for using your stash. You can go as scrappy as you want with this project but I have made it easy to start with requiring (14) different quarter yard prints.

The Square in Square block is the same configuration as my "H"-Block Baby Quilt project except a different sized block and the fabric arrangement turns it into a square-in-square.

The addition of sashing sets the blocks apart and frames the variety of prints.


This would be a nice little quilt (62'' square) for spring picnics or a baby play quilt. Add more blocks and sashing to make a larger quilt, this is a fast and fun block, it is hard to know when to stop! So, use up some of your stash and when you are at your next quilt show you will have no excuses not to restock!

Happy Sewing,