What better time to start a web site and blog then in the beginning of one's career as a fabric designer! So, this is it, the beginning of my career and the first blog entry to my web site. This web site will be my virtual scrapbook where I can post my progress, projects and peregrination into the world of fabric design. If you would like to know more about me, visit my About page. There has been a good 10 months of fabric design work going on behind the scenes to get me to this point today. Sometime this fall (2010), my first collection, Blue Skies for Paintbrush Studio (Fabri-Quilt) will hit the shelves of quilt shops. My second collection, Winter Song, also for Paintbrush Studio, will show up sometime in 2011. I will keep you posted on those collections as well as magazine articles that feature quilts made from these fabrics. I wish I could show you the fabrics right now but until the fabrics are printed, we will both have to wait just a bit longer.

So, to keep us all busy while we wait, I thought I would also use this web site as a place to post free tutorials and projects that use fabrics in some way. These projects will be of varying skill levels -- beginning crafter to confident sewer. All the projects posted will have a free, printable PDF version of the instruction available at the top of each project.

With the launch of this web site, I have posted the first project on the Projects page. The Back-to-School 3-Ring Binder project doesn't require any sewing (unless you want to get fancy, that it.) This 3-ring binder is an easy project that lets you put your style on an ordinary 3-ring binder. Even if you don't have school aged children to make this project with or for, you will find numerous uses for a decorative binder like this. I have four at the moment I use to organize my work, projects and stuff I have pulled out of magazines as inspiration pages, heck, maybe you could use a binder like this to hold projects you have downloaded off the internet!

I want to take this opportunity with my first entry to thank my family and friends for all their support, encouragement and critiques as I swamped them with emails about my designs and aspirations.  I also want to thank Fabri-Quilt for taking the chance on me, you guys are great to work with and so much fun!

This is the start of something big for me and I am so glad you are here to share this beginning as I launch my web site and my career as a fabric designer!