Thinking About Fall

Maybe because it has been so dry here or maybe the time has gone by so fast that I didn't see fall coming, but I am starting to see some of the leaves change from green to gold and there has been that shift from summer to fall. Fall has to be my favorite time of year, I love the colors, the temperature, the bittersweet chore of preparing the yard for the winter ahead and the promise of the up-coming holidays. But most of all, it has to be the atmosphere. The sky can be white with crystal clear light or bright with spectacular clouds passing and changing to something just as spectacular throughout the day, it is as if the days know they are getting shorter and just can't pack in enough in that short time. I wanted to work on something to celebrate the coming of fall and have begun work on a table runner for my kitchen table. I went through my old quilting books, my favorite one is just of blocks and was printed in 1935. I was looking for a block that had a more modern look to it and fell in love with the "Orange Peel" block. Now, falling in love with and executing the block well are two different things. I just about scrapped this table runner half-way through but went to a local quilt shop to ask if I was getting my blocks flat enough and they said they looked great, so it didn't get thrown into the scrap pile.

I have the table runner all pieced and am into machine quilting it at the moment. I want to hurry up and finish my sewing projects so I can get my machine in to be cleaned and serviced before all my quilt top making begins for up coming quilt magazine articles. So, I will post the directions and templates for this project in my next post and plan on having a simple, easy-applique project with the left-over scraps of this project as something to work on with or without a sewing machine in the project after that.

Soak in what's left of the summer and enjoy the beauty of fall!