Community Sampler Week #12

Community Sampler Week #12


I can hardly believe we're at our last block already! But don't worry, that doesn't mean the Community Sampler is over yet, we still have block setting and the optional borders to attach. My co-host and sister Art Gallery Fabrics designer Maureen Cracknell and I are so happy to have you sewing with us and can't wait to see your block.

CS Layered Sharon.jpg

There are eleven blocks in our quilt, block setting, and optional borders. Each Wednesday will be a new PDF block release or finishing step for the quilt. If you are just joining us, pick up the Introduction PDF on the Sew Along page and you'll get a material list along with coloring pages so you can get started planning your quilt. Then, work your way through the first Community Sampler post to the present.

Many of the patchwork units (like Quick-Corner, Flying Geese, Half-Square Triangle, and Square-in-Square units) used in this year's sampler have already been oversized to allow for trimming and squaring of units before assembling your block. Please cut your pieces EXACTLY as given in each of the PDF instructions because bumping up the size of the pieces from the measurements give will not bring great results in some cases. Take advantage of my in-blog tutorials for each of the different quilting techniques used in our sampler.

Accurate cutting and use of a true 1/4'' seam allowance is a must for successful patchwork piecing. All your blocks will measure 12-1/2'' square (unfinished). Review how to cut strips, sew with a true 1/4'' seam allowance, and other helpful piecing tips on my "Are You Ready to Sew" post.

Let's start sewing the final block in our sampler--Sawtooth. Download the free PDF on the Sew Along page.



The success of this block rest solely in your ability to cut and sew accurately. You'll be put to the test here and hopefully rewarded for your efforts.

If you're wanting to use directional prints for the HST units you may want to check out my tutorial for controlling directional prints that was posted during the Sewcial Bee Sampler sew along. 

Sawtooth 1.jpg

In the CUT section of the instructions you're told to cut fabric C and D in half diagonally, as show above. Handle these pieces with care so as not to stretch the bias edge. You'll only be using one of the large triangles.

Make the required Half-Square Triangle (HST) units as explained in the PDF download. For a tutorial on making HSTs visit my earlier tutorial HERE from week #3.

Sawtooth 2.jpg

Referring to the block assembly diagram on the PDF, sew two HST units together and one fabric C triangle. Notice how the edges of the fabric C triangle match the edges of the HST section at a right angle. The tip of the fabric C triangle extends past the upper edge of the HST section. The 1/4'' seam will enter where the fabrics form a "V". Press open.

Sawtooth 3.jpg

In the same manner and noting orientation, sew a fabric D triangle to the section. Notice how the extended tips form a "V" and the 1/4" seam allowance enters at that point. Press open. Trim dog ears to reduce bulk. 

Sawtooth 4.jpg

Sew the 3-1/2'' fabric A square, two HST units, and the remaining fabric C triangle together as shown. Sew to the remains side of the fabric D triangle to make the half block. 

Handle this block carefully to keep from stretching the long bias edge.

Also, this is a good time to remind everyone that our Cactus block should also be half blocks for the construction of the quilt top. If you've sewn that block together is will need to be separated into two diagonal halves like our Sawtooth block. 


The fabrics I'm using for my sampler quilt are Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements solids. This block made me think of a hill with pine trees so I kept my palette simple and harmonious, like in nature.

The print shown in my photos is a re-coloring of my Woodblock print and this lovely turquoise coloring is found in the new Splendid Fusions from Art Gallery Fabrics.


Community Sampler Sponsors

My co-host Maureen Cracknell and I are continually amazed by the joy and excitement each of you bring to our virtual community. Thank you for making this sew along so special. Please visit Maureen's blog and see the progress she's making on her sampler quilt, using her beautiful AGF fabrics Love Story collection. Be sure to use the #CommunitySampler hashtag when posting your blocks to Instagram and tag both my @sharonhollanddesigns and @maureencracknell so we don't miss any of your beautiful work! But, please be patient with both Maureen and I over the next few weeks if we don't comment back. Both Maureen and I are preparing sewing samples for our new spring collections and there's just not enough hours in the day (or energy) to get it all done!

Don't forget that this Friday's a Giveaway Friday on the Community Sampler sew along. Maureen and I will take turns hosting a giveaway each week where one of our generous sponsors will be featured and offering amazing prizes both here on our blogs and also on Instagram. I will be hosting the giveaway this Friday and you'll be instructed how to enter at that time.

Happy sewing!