Happy Anniversary!

Happy one year anniversary to Fabri-Quilt and I! It was one year ago today, that I got the phone call from Fabri-Quilt about my submission I had sent them with my textile design samples. They wanted to know if I would like to design a collection for them. Heck YES! That was for my first collection, Blue Skies. So here I am, one year later and three collections in cloth. Just last week I sent in my finished fourth collection Dilly Day! The Dilly Day collection is expected to be out late this fall if everything goes smoothly with the strike-offs and printing. There is a beautiful project quilt planned for this new collection and that quilt will be posted on the Fabri-Quilt website as a free download once the fabrics are ready and available. Now, we all must be patient till the end of this year. But, since I know how difficult it is for quilters to be patient, here is a sneak peek of the collection, just to tweak your interests.