Two Baby Quilt Projects

I find that making a quilt is a lot more fun then writing up the instructions for the quilt project. But, I must learn to love the writing up part too, I have to do plenty of it, so I should try to enjoy it a little more. As promised, I have the instructions for you for the "H" Block Baby Quilt as well as the Cotton Reel Baby Quilt I did early in the spring. The Cotton Reel baby quilt was a quilt kit offered by Fabri-Quilt at the spring Quilt Market and since the instructions are not available on their site to download, I thought you would like to have it available to you from this site. To download both of these projects along with other sewing projects, go to my Projects page and click on the images as links to their pages.

I hope you enjoy these baby quilt projects. Doing a small project now and then is so rewarding because they can be completed so fast. Baby quilts don't take a lot of fabric and are an opportunity to have some creative fun, not to mention the quilt will be loved and used by some lucky baby!