Love Grows

The trees are budding out and flowers are blooming all around. The pretty spring colors in my Love Grows collection are just as exciting to see as all the refreshing colors nature is now displaying. The Kaleidoscope quilt below is my project quilt for the Love Grows collection and is a free download. You can download the directions for this quilt from the Fabri-Quilt web site. A kit for this quilt is available from Shop Fons & Porter.

Just like the flowers outside, the ads for the Love Grows collection are popping up in quilting magazines and in the June/July issue of Quilt Magazine, the collection was featured in their Fabric Buyer's Guide section.

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie Hern Hearn (I am so sorry I misspelled your name Debbie!) (I also forgot to let people know you are the Editor-in-Chief) of Quilt Magazine to come up with a quilt using my Love Grows collection for their August/September 2011 issue. Be looking for my "New Dresden" quilt in that issue. The New Dresden is an updated look for an old classic. It was the perfect quilt design for this fun collection.

Happy Sewing!