Machine Quilting

My machine is set up and I am ready to learn something new! Time to use the wonderful resources available online. I just enrolled in one of Angela Walter's machine quilting courses through Craftsy! I can't wait to get started and am looking forward to the new challenge.

Machine Quilting Negative Spaces.jpg

I have found a nice spot to set up my work station in my daughter's old room. There is still plenty of space and a bed set up for her and her hubby to come visit! Hint, hint :)

I have a long way to go and practice, practice, practice will be my mantra for awhile!

The next post in my Design Process series we will be to talk about how to prepare the layers of the quilt for quilting and deciding how to choose the quilting designs. By then I will have more ideas about what I'd like to do for my quilt and have a bit more time behind the machine to write about my quilting/learning adventure.