Strike Three

Today I got round three of the strike-offs for the Blue Skies collection. All-in-all everything is shaping up beautifully. There were still three prints that needed a bit more adjusting but those were easy fixes and now I have signed off on everything so the fabrics can go into production! I still cannot get over the uneasy feeling of having signed off. It is not like picking the wrong paint color for your dinning room and you're the only one that has to live with it, these fabrics will be out there for everyone to see. I am excited and nauseous all at once. I am sure those feelings will all be put right once I see the entire collection together. I will be getting my fabrics very soon so I can start work on my Garden Trellis quilt for a Fons & Porter magazine layout as well as my Prairie Flower project quilt for the Fabri-Quilt website.

What is next? Well, I was told that the first round of strike-offs for my second collection "Winter Song" will be at my door soon! Out of the frying pan and into the fire!