New Collections

Sorry I haven't made a post in quite a while. Things have been pretty busy around here. First reason, the first round of strike-offs for my Winter Song collection came about a week ago and they look absolutely fantastic! Of course, there are a few minor adjustments that need will be made, but right out the shoot, it looks great. Winter Song was shown at the Quilt Market in print out form and will be ready for the spring Quilt Market in fabrics. Here is a sneak peek of the 20 fabrics in the collection. Remember, there are going to be some small changes, but this is pretty close to what it will look like.

The other reason I was neglecting making any post was that I had just finished up my third collection, Love Grows and mailed that off to Fabri-Quilt last week. We are hoping this new collection will be in fabrics and ready for the spring Quilt Market as well.  Pretty exciting times for me. I love designing and now I am getting very excited about having the real fabrics so I can start making all the quilts for the different collections.

My Blue Skies fabrics are due in right at Thanksgiving time, so I am trying to get all my Christmas decorating, gift buying and any other holiday projects done now so I can get quilts made and still enjoy the holidays with my family. If I am a good girl and get those projects done this week, I have an adorable birdie pincushion project I have worked on to post the instructions for. It is very quick and easy and uses only scraps. It would make a great gift for any sewer, you will probably want to make one for yourself  too!