Spring Grab Bag

Normally I like to have a singular idea or project to post about but this time it will be a little bit of everything all stitched into one blog post.

The current issue of Simply Moderne (issue no. 4) from Quilt Mania features the Bloomescent quilt I made with my Sketchbook fabrics, Pure Elements, and Squared Elements from Art Gallery Fabrics.

I had a little down time (a week) to do some garment sewing and play around with the new Art Gallery Fabrics Denim Studio fabrics. This new substrate for AGF is so beautiful and perfect for all sort of sewing applications. I intend to incorporate some in quilts but wanted to also see how it handled in clothing. 

My first adventure was sewing a blouse for myself. I love the clean lines of the Japanese garments found in book like Sew Chic Kids and Stylish Dress Book.

There's a little learning curve on these books because you need to transfer the patterns to tissue and add the seam allowances. I am not one to do a lot of garment sewing so it probably took me longer than someone with more experience. I am very happy with the end product and made this Button Front Blouse for my first project from the Stylish Dress Book. I definitely want to do more sewing with these fabrics and books!

With the weather getting unseasonably warm I made some bonnets for my granddaughter using the floral print from my Gossamer fabrics and lining from peach colored denim. The free pattern for this adorable Baby Sunbonnet is from Purl Soho. It was easy to make and a great pattern.

Spring also bring Spring Quilt Market! This year the spring show will be in Salt Lake City, Utah and I am already gearing up for the show. My fourth collection will be out in May and over the next couple of weeks Art Gallery Fabrics will be revealing all the new spring/summer collections. Here's the sneak peak for Tapestry.

Be watching as I show more prints from my new collection and glimpses into the Quilt Market preparations and projects for the show. It's starting to feel more like springtime everyday!

On Newsstands Now

All the quilts and sewing projects you see in the various quilting magazines are done months in advance of each publication. Designers and editors are busy working to bring you seasonal projects in the latest fabrics. Work I did earlier this year is now hitting the newsstands and I finally get to see all those projects in print! Last week our mailwoman delivered 3 different publications to my door. 

Quilt Now is an United Kingdom based magazine. I had the great opportunity to meet the editor Katy Jones last fall at Quilt Market because she was a Limited Editions designer for Art Gallery Fabrics. 

I am so excited to have my first quilt project, Honeycomb, featured in the Quilt Now #15 issue. You may remember seeing this quilt in my Sketchbook fabrics booth at the Spring Quilt Market. Sketchbook became available in July and you can purchase prints at your local quilt shop or online. And, now you will be able to make a quilt just like the one from my booth!

quilt now.jpg

Next magazine to show up at my door was the beautiful Simply Moderne #2 by Quilt Mania. This magazine comes to us via France and is just stunning. I have two projects in this issue. Four Winds is an over-sized quilt made with Sketchbook fabrics, Squared Elements and Pure Elements all from Art Gallery Fabrics. If you are planning to make this one I just want to let you know there was a mistake in the re-writing of this project--all the dimensions for making this quilt were cut in half-yikes! So what really is a 60" square quilt is written as a 30" quilt. Quilt Mania is fantastic and will be posting corrections for this mistake in the next issue and online. If anyone is planning to make the quilt, contact me and I can get you the correct measurements and instructions or check their website. 

The second project in the same Simply Moderne magazine is my Wall Pocket Organizer made from Framework Golden and Woodblock Flaxen prints from my Sketchbook fabrics collection. This is a fun and fast project. You can even add eyelets to hang tags from to label the pockets. 

And last but not least, because more magazines with other projects are on their way, we have a really fun baby quilt in Modern Patchwork. This quilt also is made mostly from Sketchbook fabrics but because it is very scrappy, I have added some Gossamer fabrics, Squared Elements, Floral Elements and Pure Elements from Art Gallery Fabrics to the design. Impressionist Sunrise is a great unisex type of quilt (especially helpful when you don't know if the baby will be a boy or a girl). Isn't this the sweetest looking nursery?

Next week I will be a guest on June McCrary Jacobs Writing and Sewing blog. I "met" June during my days as an assistant editor and she is as sweet as she is knowledgeable in her field. I will be talking with June about my upcoming Quilt Market trip and newest Art Gallery Fabrics collection. Set your calendar for October 14th. But, don't worry, I will send you a post right before then with next weeks update and a reminder.