Community Sampler Giveaway Week #13

Community Sampler Giveaway Week #13

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Each Friday that Maureen Cracknell and myself are co-hosting the Community Sampler will be a Giveaway Friday. We've coordinated special prizes with our amazing participating sponsors for a giveaway each and every week! If you've happened to miss the first Community Sampler posts, take a look back from the first post Community Sampler Week #1 to get caught up to the present. Feel free to start sewing with us at anytime--it's never too late to join in, and it's free! 

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The Fat Quarter Shop was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Jolly. An avid quilter, Kimberly began her shop as a side business while still working a corporate position, cutting, packing and shipping right out of her house during evenings and weekends. From the very beginning, she was committed to delivering top-notch service for every single order and customer. As the Fat Quarter Shop's reputation grew, Kimberly decided to make it a full-time operation. Her husband Kevin joined her not long after, and with his help, lots of hard work, and a tireless commitment, the store began to grow. Over the past few years a few more people have joined the staff! As a team, they continue to branch out with the best fabrics, exclusive kits, quilt clubs, BOMs, and more. And they will always be driven by the passion that Kimberly founded the store upon, which is always giving you the best products and service!


We hope you enjoy visiting Fat Quarter Shop! 

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This week the Fat Quarter Shop is generously giving away this fun, 10-pc City Loft Fusions bundle. Art Gallery Fabrics has curated bold and eccentric prints from the various AGF designers you love to bring you the essence metropolitan chic in City Loft Fusions. Trendy florals and striking geometrics are colored in saturated plum contrasted by edgy grays and touches of orange for contemporary sewing.

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Maureen and I take turns hosting the Community Sampler Giveaway Fridays. This week I'm sending you to Maureen Cracknell's blog to enter!

A BIG thanks to all of you who are joining the 2018 Community Sampler sew-along and to those who enter our Giveaway!  

♡ Sharon

Signature Bucket Bag

Signature Bucket Bag


This month my sixth fabric collection, Signature for Art Gallery Fabrics hits the shops. I couldn't be more excited to share this collection with you in the form of new, free projects!

As the industry gathers in Portland, Oregon this weekend for the Spring Quilt Market, I'm staying home and opted out of displaying my new collection at the show. My decision not to go stemmed from several reasons. One, my second grandchild arrived in April and I took a break from work to go lend a hand. That put me way behind in my normal market prep sewing but I wouldn't have missed being present for the birth for the world! 

Two, I decided, in advance that if I stayed home I would finally remodel my sewing/guest room in my house and turn it into a proper studio space so I could stage different photography scenes for my projects. I was actually able to remodel my room and buy some new props for less than it would have cost me to go to the show and now I can bring you more and better displays here from home. 

Signature fabrics look A reduced.jpg

This is just a tiny peek into the first of several Signature Looks. Over the next few weeks I will be posting new, free projects and a closer look into each set up. As always, be sure to watch my feed and Stories on Instagram for even more, day-to-day posts.


You first saw my Kantha-Style Bucket Bag when I took part in Jessica Swifts Tallinn blog tour last month. I just didn't have the time then to write up the pattern for it then, and thank you for being patient till I could get it prepared. 

Bucket Bag by Sharon Holland.jpg

There were so many asking for this pattern after I posted about it I decided to remake it in my new Signature fabrics, get the pattern written, and include it in the Signature LookBook coming out next month. 

You'll find the free PDF download for my Bucket Bag on the Free Patterns page of this blog. 


Bag details include hand-quilted stitching with Aurifloss embroidery thread on the exterior of the bag, eight roomy interior pockets, and fun embellishments like Extra-Large Eyelets and Swivel Hook, and Tassel Cap from Dritz


For the interior of the bag I used Art Gallery Fabrics Smooth Denim (DEN-S-2007) in Nectarine Sunrise and Lateral Bud Profusion (SGN-68710) for the pockets. 


For the exterior of my bag I use (from the opening to bottom) Extempore Fancy (SGN-58700), Traveler Raindrops (SGN-58705), Lateral Bud Profusion (SGN-68710), and Small World Sprightly (SGN-68713).

For a quick tutorial on how to make a tassel using the Dritz Tassel Cap kit, take a look back at the Tallinn blog tour post.

Signature Foliar 2.jpg

There are 20 prints in the Signature collection and comes in two color ways. Between the two color ways there are 14 different prints because in some cases the print only has one coloring. That's what makes this collection so deep and interesting. I'm still making discoveries as I sew! Above is the Foliar color way and below is the Atmospheric color way.

Signature Atmospheric 2.jpg

Shops are just getting their stock of Signature in and I've begun adding a few online shop listings to my Fabrics page. Some have already sold out in the first week so keep checking back as they restock and more shops list their new inventory.

Community Sampler Week #13

Community Sampler Week #13


This is it, time to start putting all those beautiful blocks together into a quilt! Today is all about setting your on-point blocks into 17-1/2'' unfinished squares and assembling the center of the quilt. If you don't plan on adding any of the optional borders (covered next week) you can move on or wait until finishing is covered in week #15.

If you've just found out about this sew along, don't worry, you can still join in on the fun but you may want to start from the very first post and work up to the present. There are eleven blocks in our quilt, block setting, and optional borders. Each Wednesday will be a new PDF block release or finishing step for the quilt. If you are just joining us, pick up the Introduction PDF on the Sew Along page and you'll get a material list along with coloring pages so you can get started planning your quilt. Then, work your way through the first Community Sampler post to the present.

My co-host and sister Art Gallery Fabrics designer Maureen Cracknell and I are so happy to have you sewing with us and can't wait to see your finished quilts.

CS Promo 1.jpg

Please cut your pieces EXACTLY as given in each of the PDF instructions because bumping up the size of the pieces from the measurements give will not bring great results in some cases. Take advantage of my in-blog tutorials for each of the different quilting techniques used in our sampler.

Accurate cutting and use of a true 1/4'' seam allowance is a must for successful patchwork piecing. All your blocks will measure 12-1/2'' square (unfinished). Review how to cut strips, sew with a true 1/4'' seam allowance, and other helpful piecing tips on my "Are You Ready to Sew" post.

Let's start setting our blocks. Download the free PDF on the Sew Along page.


Probably your biggest hurdle this week will be in selecting fabric(s) for the background setting. I already had in mind to use the Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements solid called Sweet Macadamia (PE-471) but still needed to see how the blocks looked with my choice before I started cutting into my yardage. 

To really get a good feel for how things looked and block placement I pinned the fabric to my design wall then pinned the blocks to the fabric. I took quick photos with my phone of the various options and then I could look at the options on my phone to know what I liked best. I narrowed it down to two very close versions and sent the images to Maureen to get her opinion and help solidify my choice.

Block Setting Tutorial


To start, you'll need to cut twenty-one 9-1/2'' squares. Since I'm using all the same fabric to set my blocks, I cut six 9-1/2'' x 42'' strips and then sub cut the strips into the 9-1/2'' squares.

Because rotary cutter rulers aren't wide enough to cut 9-1/2'' wide strips, you'll need to double up rulers to get the necessary measurement. Just be sure to keep the markings aligned to the straight edge of the fabric and hold the ruler closest to the cutting edge when using the rotary cutter.

Setting 1.jpg

Once your squares are cut, divide them in half diagonally, as shown.


As directed in the PDF instructions, fold the block in half twice and finger press to crease. Fold a background triangle in half once and finger press to crease. Note: No need to press creases into the New Four-Patch block because the block's seam lines can be used as center marks. 

Setting 2.jpg

With right sides together, use the crease lines to match the center crease lines of a block and a triangle on one side of a block. Pin and stitch with an accurate 1/4" seam allowance. Press corner open.


Repeat on the opposite side. 


In the same manner, add triangles to the remains sides of the block. Notice how the stitching line enters and exits the "V" created by the perpendicular triangles.


Press corners open. Make a total of nine full blocks.

Setting 4.jpg

Trim block to 17-1/2'' square. Please note that very little trimming will be needed if you've cut and sewn accurately. You're basically trimming off the dog ears and doing a tiny bit of tidy up (picture on right). Use the widest ruler you have to square off the true sides of each triangle (picture on left).


Here's the total amount of trimming from all the blocks (full and half) so go easy on the trimming!

I know in the directions it says to fold the half-blocks in half to crease but in reality it's not necessary because you can use the seam lines as the guide. Use a folded crease line of a triangle and attach triangles to the half-blocks in the same manner as above. Trim half-blocks to 9'' x 17-1/2'' and make a total of three half-blocks.


Referring to the Quilt Assembly (without borders) Diagram on the PDF and noting placement of full and half-blocks, lay out the blocks in three vertical rows of four blocks each. Join block into vertical rows. 


Join the rows by matching the edges of the rows and using the point of the center of the block to match a staggered seam line. This completes the center of the quilt top without borders.

Feel free to stop here and quilt as desired or wait for the finishing instructions on week #15. Next week on week #14, we will give instructions for creating the three borders.


My co-host Maureen Cracknell and I are continually amazed by the joy and excitement each of you bring to our virtual community. Thank you for making this sew along so special. Please visit Maureen's blog and see the progress she's making on her sampler quilt, using her beautiful AGF fabrics Love Story collection. Be sure to use the #CommunitySampler hashtag when posting your blocks to Instagram and tag both my @sharonhollanddesigns and @maureencracknell so we don't miss any of your beautiful work! But, please be patient with both Maureen and I over the next few weeks if we don't comment back. Both Maureen and I are preparing sewing samples for our new spring collections and there's just not enough hours in the day (or energy) to get it all done!

Don't forget that this Friday's a Giveaway Friday on the Community Sampler sew along. Maureen and I will take turns hosting a giveaway each week where one of our generous sponsors will be featured and offering amazing prizes both here on our blogs and also on Instagram. Maureen will be hosting the giveaway this Friday and you'll be instructed how to enter at that time.

Happy sewing!

Community Sampler Giveaway Week #12

Community Sampler Giveaway Week #12

Book and AGF.jpg

Each Friday, throughout the Community Sampler sew-along, that Maureen Cracknell and myself are co-hosting, will be a Giveaway Friday. We've coordinated special giveaway prizes with our amazing participating sponsors for each and every week! If you've happened to miss the first Community Sampler posts, take a look back from the first post Community Sampler Week #1 to get caught up to the present. Feel free to start sewing with us at anytime--it's never too late to join in, and it's free! 

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Art Gallery Fabrics was started in 2004. Since then creativity, beauty, and design have been their passions, and to this day, they have not changed, bringing a chic and modern perspective to the quilting industry.

When it comes to designing a fabric collection we always keep originality and uniqueness on the top of our list. We have the pleasure of working with a talented fabric designers who create enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints that make our collections one of a kind. Art Gallery designs modern fabrics that keep up with ongoing trends and at the same time it encourages our customers to use new colors and patterns so they venture out of their usual comfort zone.

At Art Gallery Fabrics believes strongly in the quality of the fabric and that is transcended in their superior thread count and fine weave. This makes our premium cotton as soft and smooth you can get. You really feel the difference with just one touch!

Pink Cream Edit.jpg

 Art Gallery Fabrics is offering this gorgeous ten-piece pink & cream fat quarter bundle with prints from various AGF designers! Be sure to follow Art Gallery Fabrics on all their social platforms.

Blog  *  Facebook *  Instagram  * Pinterest  *  Youtube

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Sharon Holland logo-04.jpg

Sharon Holland (that's me) is the author of Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living by Sharon Holland (Landauer Publishing 2017). This quilt book is as much a lifestyle book as it is an 80-page, beginner-friendly guide to patchwork. Find easy-to-follow instructions, beautiful photos, fully illustrated step-by-step essential techniques and information to stitch 12 different quilt projects from beginning to end.

Each project is fast-pieced and encourages creative changes with skill-building design tips throughout. The lovely patterns are a reason for you to dig into your stash to make quilts you love. This paperback book encompasses traditional and modern quilting for truly timeless everyday use and functional patchwork.

You can purchase this book from your local quilt shop, favorite bookstore, online like through Amazon (my affiliate link), or from my Store page. If you order from me you'll have the option to have a signed and/or dedication written in your book by the author (me). 

Night and Day.JPG

For this week's Community Sampler giveaway one lucky winner will receive the Art Gallery Fabrics 10-pc ............ bundle plus a signed copy of the Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living book!

Giveaway now Closed. Congratulations to Angie Terry!

Note: This giveaway is open to EVERYONE! If you're a "no reply" or anonymous commenter, please remember to include your email address in your comment--you can't win if I can't get a hold of you!

1. Simply leave a comment here under this post! (First comment entry).

2. Follow Art Gallery Fabrics on their Blog and/or FACEBOOK. Just let me know that you did by making a separate comment here to record that entry. (Separate comment - second entry). 

3. My followers get a third entry! If you follow via subscribing to my posts, through Bloglovin (or other service), or on Instagram, just let me know by making a separate comment here to record that entry. (Separate comment - third entry). Note: I'm no longer on Facebook.

4. Help spread the word!! I know that many of you already do, so I thought it would be nice to add that as another way to enter! Spread the word about the Community Sampler on YOUR instagram, facebook, tweet, pin, blog post, etc... (separate comment - fourth entry). 

That’s FOUR possible entries! Enter now through Monday, May 14th! The winner will be picked at random around 4pm Eastern. I will post the name of the winner on this post once they've been notified and responded to my email.